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August 23, 2013

Supporting Doctor Andrew Simone, Canadian Food for Children

August 19, 2013


Dear Worthy Brother Knights,

Greetings from Toronto on a Friday afternoon!

First and foremost, let me begin by expressing my sincere thanks to the team of Brothers Paul Cruz (previous Web Master) & Venant Ferreira, for their work over the past two years in keeping the web up to date. They are indeed both talented brother knights and they will be provided the opportunity to assist with other council projects.

Second, I am pleased to announce that our new Web Master for the Fraternal Year 2013/14 is Brother Luis Gomes.

I append a self-explanatory message from Brother Luis below.


Our new website is a simple design with a user friendly navigation. It incorporates useful Google elements, including its gadgets, Photo Albums, YouTube clips and best of all at no cost to our Council.
To get to our new site always use Please note we are a "dot ca" because our Council is in Canada and we support Canadian domain registrations. We are not a dot com because we are not a commercial business. Under the LINKS page you can view our older websites. Under the NEWSLETTERS page you can view all previous Newsletters (This is constantly being updated) Under GRAND KNIGHTS page we honour our Past Grand is being updated at this time until all the pictures are received by the web master.

Below the Navigation, you will note 3 columns. The left column will be used for all Council/Parish Events flyers with captions. The middle column will have the latest information which may include the most current Event that occurred. The right hand column will have all information pertaining to the Council affairs.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bro. Luis


Edwin D'Cruz
Grand Knight
St. Francis Xavier Council 12067

August 10, 2013

Blood Donor Clinic August 10, 2013

Dear Worthy Brother Knights

I am pleased to inform you that we have just concluded with the Blood Donor Clinic event at the church hall which was indeed successful, despite it being held in the midst of the summer vacations.

We noted that there were a number of knights from our council who kindly donated their blood, including a few first timers. Our grateful thanks to Brother Priyal Jayasinghe who was the lead for this event. Our thanks also go to all the knights who assisted with the sign-up for the event over several weekends, phone calls made to blood donor registrants and making themselves present today to support Brother Priyal. 

Our thanks also go to Msgr. Edgardo Pan, Parish Pastor for his several visits during the course of the morning. Last but not least, thank you to PGK Brother Anthony Desouza & IPGK Brother Joe Remedios for visiting & assisting with the Blood Donor clinic this morning. 

Our Web Master Brother Luis Gomes will be uploading some of the photos on our web site in the next few days. Please visit the web site @


Edwin D'Cruz
Grand Knight
St. Francis Xavier Council 12067