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December 20, 2013


Dear Brother Knights,

Let me take this opportunity to wish each of you and your dear family a happy and joyous Christmas. I would also like to wish you a healthy, peaceful and a successful New Year!

At this time of the year, please also take a moment from your busy daily work and social life to remember and pray for our deceased brother knights and members of their families who have passed away during the past 12 months and for our knights who are seeking new opportunities in the work place.

On a separate note, what is of particular interest to you and what you would like to do by way of giving back to the community; please reach out to the Deputy GK Patrick Bajcar and/or me and let us know which particular area of the council you would like to be a participant and volunteer.

We need to increase member participation in our monthly general meetings and my goal is to see the percentage increase by 20%. I believe we are on the right track in trying to achieve this mark and I am encouraged by your participation in the past few meetings of the new fraternal year and most importantly when we touched the 100 mark at the November 19 Fraternal Activity Night (FAN).

Finally, thank you to the Executive Members and Directors for all your good work since assuming office in July. As we enter the New Year and second half of our Fraternal Year, I believe we are well positioned to make this yet another successful year for our council.

Peace and goodwill,

Edwin D'Cruz
Grand Knight

December 14, 2013

The Third Joyful Mystery

 You may wish to recite a dacade of the Holy Rosary as you watch the 10 slides