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May 20, 2016

Upcoming Programs

Upcoming programs
Sat May 28 at 10am - combined First and Second degree.
Tues June 14 (7pm) - Executive meeting
Sun June 19 - Fathers Day BBQ
Mon June 20 (7:45pm) - General meeting
     Fri June 24 - Ladies Night
     Sat June 25 (10am) - 1st degree
     Sat July 16 (11am) - Golf tournament

Executive for Fraternal Year 2016/2017

Executive for Fraternal Year 2016/2017
Grand Knight
Patrick Bajcar
Deputy Grand Knight
Phil Howland
Kelvin Netto
Venant Ferreira
Financial Secretary
Lazardo Cardozo (appointed last year)
Rudolph Noronha
Priyal Jayasinghe
Hilario Li

Carlo Agostino,
Russel D'Souza,
Lomas Ramdass,
Cruz Fernandes
Trustee 1 year
Savio Perreira
Trustee 2 year
Blasio Paes (Elected last year)
Trustee 3 year
Valerian D'Souza
Please give them your continued support and prayers.