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October 6, 2013

Busy Weekend for Our Council Saturday October 5 - 16th Anniversary Dinner Dance

Dear Worthy Brother Knights,
I am penning this email to let you know (if you were not able to attend) that our council’s 16th Annual Anniversary Dinner & Dance held on Saturday, October 5th at the St. Francis Xavier Parish Hall, was well attended (over 225 attendees), entertaining the crowd with live music & DJ by the Marawders band, Emceeing by the affable Melroy Borges and catering by Konkan Delite, who is also a knight from our council.

The evening was graced by a number of dignitaries including the Parish Pastor Rev. Msgr. Pan, Associate Pastor Rev. Fr. Susairaj, District Deputy Joseph  Zielinski, St. Andre Bessette Assembly (FN SK Graham Nickalls, councils [Christo Rei (GK Vally D’Souza) Credit Valley (GK Andrei Dias), Mount Carmel (GK James Lobo) & St. Josephine Bakhita (FS Serge Poirier)],  PGK’s (CGK Mathew Rodrigues, Anthony D’Souza, Fred Gamboa & Gabriel Ogundele) from our council, the CWL (current and past presidents) and PDD’s/PGK’s from other councils. For those brother knights that attended the anniversary dance with their spouses, thank you for your support.

The Committee Members & the Executive Team would like to thank our sponsors, advertisers and those parishioners and knights that donated gifts to the council to make the evening a successful one and thus helping us achieve our goals and objectives for this high profile council event. You will be pleased to know that we raised over $4000 (budget exceeded by 100 percent).

Brother Savio, Chair for the event and his fully energised and hard working committee, did an excellent job in ensuring that the knights and our guests enjoyed the evening. Thank you Chair and Committee Members for your volunteer work and making sure that everything turned out well.

Our 17th Anniversary Dinner & Dance date is Saturday, October 18th 2014.

For viewing the pictures of the event please visit


Edwin D'Cruz
Grand Knight & The Executive Team
St. Francis Xavier Council 12067