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January 31, 2014

Annual Free Throw Tournament

The annual Free Throw Tournament this year generated a lot of interest from the parents and participants. We had over 32 participants (boys and girls) in the age range of 9-14. The venue for this year’s event was the gymnasium at the San Ruiz Lorenzo School, Mississauga.

The proceedings commenced with a prayer led by the GK Edwin D’Cruz for a successful, safe and fun event for all participants. Fr. Joshua Roldan, Associate Pastor of St. Francis Xavier Parish gave a short speech to the participants and parents who came to support them. Later on, Fr. Joshua was called upon to give out the certificates to all participants and the winners in each age group were given a Champion’s Certificate along with a Plaque.

This successful event was Chaired by Nigel D’Souza and Co-Chaired by Darryl Alves and were ably supported by their committee members. The GK thanked all participants, parents and knights from the council who braved the cold to support the event.