June 9, 2014

Sloop John T Singing Group - Volunteer Hours

Dear Worthy Brothers,

I am pleased to re-introduce you to a volunteer choir group of brother knights and spouses of brother knights from our Council and other non-council members, who form part of the overall group. This group has been in existence for several years but has kept a low profile with the good work that they do and enjoy. This talented group of singers and musicians bring joy to the residents and seniors at the Carmel Heights and Mississauga Extendicare on a monthly basis. I am pleased to append the names of the choir group members below.
KofC members
- John Tavares
- Victor D’Souza
- Luis Gomes
- Reynold Sequeira
- Errol Fernandez (Christ the King church)
Spouses of KofC members:
- Elia Netto
- Treena DeSouza
- Judith Marion
- Anita Fernandez
- Audrey DeCosta
- Irwin DeSouza
- Paul Menezes
- Louella Fernandes
- Joannie Mitchell
- Linda Sequeira

They were recently awarded a certificate of appreciation by Mississauga Extendicare. Please join me in congratulating the choir group for their valuable support to our Mississauga community.  


Edwin D'Cruz
Grand Knight