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September 1, 2014

Blood Donor Clinic - August 2014

I am pleased to inform you that our recently concluded Blood Donor Clinic event at the parish hall was indeed successful and encouraging trend wise.

We noted that there were a number of knights from our council who kindly donated their blood, including a few first timers. It was also noted that family members (spouses, daughters and sons) of our knights donated blood. We are very grateful to all of our donors who took the time and made the effort to attend the parish and the CBS, Heartland clinics.

There were 54 (77 in Feb) donors in total and the CBS collected 35 (44 units in Feb) of blood. A unit of blood when divided into components save 3 lives, thus the 35 units collected at our clinic will help 105 patients at our local hospital.

Our grateful thanks to Brother Priyal Jayasinghe who was the Chair for this event. Our thanks also go to all the knights who assisted with the sign-up for the event over several weekends, phone calls made to blood donor registrants and making themselves present on Saturday to support Brother Priyal. 

Our thanks also go to Msgr. Edgardo Pan, Parish Pastor and Joanita Miranda from the office for the support provided.

Our Director PR Brother Luis Gomes will be uploading some of the photos on our web site. Please visit the web site @ Please also take a moment to visit the KOC Ontario State web site and click under Friday File. The address is


Edwin D'Cruz
Grand Knight and the Executive Team
St. Francis Xavier Council 12067