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February 7, 2015

January Council Round-up of Events/other updates

Our Roses for Life campaign the weekend of Jan 24/25 generated a record $975 in donations. Our grateful thanks to Bro. Mike Hessing, Spiritual Director and Chair for this campaign and to the knights who assisted.

Carmel Heights-Seniors Bingo on Jan 29. Despite the inclement weather thank you to the brother knights who supported Patrick Bajcar, DGK with the bingo and playing live music for the seniors.

First Degree Exemplification on Jan 24. There were 17 candidates of which 5 were from our council.  Feedback was great which comes as no surprise with our super First Degree Team headed by IPGK Joseph Remedios and his team. Thank you First Degree Team, to FBA Alan Pires who is also our membership director and to the knights who sponsored the candidates.

Donation of $3,000 to the St. Francis Xavier Church-Building Debt Reduction.

Photographs of various events and presentations are now available on the web site. We have uploaded the photographs on the council’s web site which can be viewed @ or